Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hyde park

Cycling in Hyde Park is quite literally my idea of a perfect day. Ever since I done it with my mum back for my 18th Birthday (I think). It seems pretty long ago now. 
I'd been mentioning it to Jack way back since Summer. Of course, it being my ideal of a perfect date I wanted to do it with the guy I loved. It couldn't get much more perfect then riding around Hyde Park before heading in to Winter wonderland together. 

We hopped on the train to Kensington a few days before Christmas and had a ride around Hyde Park, before Jack had a go at being a squirrel whisperer and attracting a couple of squirrels up close to him, which was pretty sweet. We then ventured into Winter wonderland, which I'd been intending to go to for ages. It was such a nice atmosphere and staying there into dark which is when it got even more busier. I tried a warm cider which actually tasted of apple pie, a very weird thing at first but it was rather nice. I thought the ride prices were pretty steep but we did have quite a bit of fun on a few of them. Did regret the waltzer after getting off however. 

Did you go to Winter wonderland this year? 

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Instagram what I wore #002

Jumper - F21, Skirt - H&M, Heeled chelsea boots - EBay 

This outfit is compiled of all my go-to pieces this winter. I absolutely adore this jumper. I picked it up last year when this bloomin' freezing season hit and It's not failed me this year either. It's so so warm, I just literally grab this if I know I'll be out in the cold for the day such as when I wore this outfit for a shopping trip to Oxford Street with mum. It's incredibly versatile like this skirt, they both pair together with a lot of things, definite staples of my wardrobe to pair with other things.

I also still love how these heeled boots can transform a boring everyday outfit, there always my go-to for nights out when I don't have the energy to dress up, but wish to look like I have my self together. 

Also, anyone who knows me well knows just how much I love things with polka dots on, this skirt gets wear! A bloody bargain for only costing £3/5 from the H&M basic range, thank you H&M.

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Friday, 9 January 2015

The boyfriend does 'What I wore'

Shirt - Asda, Blazer - Charity shop, Brogues - Red Herring

So after posting a photo on Instagram and being questioned by a very confused Jack as to what 'ootd' meant, I took a few for his own before we left for the boxing day sales. We have a slight obsession with brogues, yes I said we. So it was only right I bought him this pair for Christmas, I absolutely love them and was so excited for him to open it up Christmas day. Debenhams also have a really good half price sale on brogues for the sales this year, if anyone was interested!  

Doesn't he look all smart? I dressed down this day and went for the casual, I woke up looking this rubbish look, with added red lipstick. After queuing in Next for one thing, a beautiful blazer for Jack which, even I couldn't moan about the waiting time of 2+ hours, he couldn't leave it. It was amazingly fitted for him and it was down from £140, how crazy is that? I encourage every one to head to Next to get amazing tailored wear and just put it away for those special moments as there's such huge savings it's crazy, wish I'd dragged my dad down to be honest! 

Bless him, I'm slowly easing him into letting me take his photo! p.s- for anyone wondering the mohawk was a rugby dare, amusingly). 

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Victoria sponge recipe

This is my go-to basic cake recipe when I fancy baking or doing something simple. A few people asked me for a recipe so I thought I would post it. It's super easy and basic, for anyone looking for something simple to do. You can adapt it and make it chocolate if you so wish. 

Also, anyone in the Womens Institute look away now. The ~proper Victoria sponge~ does not have butter cream in, but even my Nan, a good ol' W.I veteran would enjoy this, I love the addition of the butter cream which is why I like to add it, all personal preference!

Ingredients for the sponge:
  • 175g self raising flour
  • 175g softened butter
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons of milk 

 I like to weigh out all my dry ingredients first and set them aside, not only so I can just grab them but because I hate when it sticks to the butter in the scales if I do it the other way round. 
I first cream the sugar and butter together to a really nice creamy mixture using a whisk and then slowly add in beaten eggs a little at a time, creating a light mixture. After all that jazz has been done, I fold in the flour and baking powder, little at a time again. Doing the old 8 shape stir and fold trick, creating a light and airy batter that is smooth. If your mixture is a little thick, add a little milk until you have a good batter that falls off the spoon. 

Divide into two identical sandwich tins that have been lined with parchment and greased, and place them in the middle of a nice pre-heated oven at 180' for around 25 minutes. You can tell when they are ready as the sponge will bounce back when you tap the top, it's golden, and I have a handy little thin cake tester which I rather like. 

Soon after taking them out, I like to gently get them out of the tins, I love the ones with the detachable bases, it makes it so so more simple! 

After letting them cool I start with the filling, yum! 

Ingredients for the butter cream:
100g softened butter,
140g icing sugar,

Cream them both together with a whisk until it's super creamy and thick. Layer on to one half of the cake halves. Onto the jam! I heat it up slightly so it is easier to apply and distribute over the cake without ripping chunks out of it and here goes nothing, quickly put one on top of the other! 

We enjoyed a slice of ours with a cup of tea. Let me know if any of you have a go at it!

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