Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Striped dress / What I wore

Life and college has taken over! I feel since the super busy Easter spent with Jack and family I've been working on something and having little time to rest. 
I'm currently a week away from my final hand in of my very last project in college and I don't care about saying just how proud of myself I am. It's taken me 4 years to muster up the strength, mental health, physical health and handle my m.e to attend college, complete college and generally just live my life. It's something I was talking to Jack about the other day, on how far I've come and I think it's so so important as an individual to recognise when you've personally achieved something, even the littlest thing, it's okay to be proud of you.

It's never something I've ever really addressed or mentioned on my blog, but ever since I wrote my first m.e post, I've become more open and the fact i've been messaged and told it helped others, is an amazing feeling. To think a couple of years ago my anxiety prevented me getting a 10 minute train journey on my own, let alone drive the motorway to Cambridge for the first time all on my own multiple time, remain enrolled to now achieve getting accepted into University is crazy! Me and Uni?! never even crossed my mind a year ago. 

A las, apologies for my little odd and pretty long paragraph, but I really wanted to just mention it- it can be frowned upon to be actually proud of yourself but y'know what, who the bloody heck says you can't, how stupid. 

I also wanted to mention how I can't wait to get back into blogging when this work gets handed in. It's obviously taken a back seat. My health hasn't been the best lately, stress etc brings on a whole load of my m.e symptoms so I've mostly been stuck in bed or in college or in Cambridge! 

Dress, coat - Primark / Shoes - Topshop

Hope you're all well, lot'sa love!

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


I love this bardot, it was a bargain from good old Primark- I think it was only around £11 or around that price, paired with my trusty go to heels of course. This dress comes in a lovely thick fabric so it is flattering to an extent, it hugs to your shape beautifully so make sure you don't get a size too big. Although saying that, I took these photos after a big lunch so I have a little food baby (we're all human). 

I love the length of this dress though, I'm quite particular with evening dresses and hem lengths but this falls at just the right place, love it!

I recently re-discovered my old classic red lipstick favourite, after throwing it aside for Macs Ruby Woo, I found my Rimmel Kate Moss one in a hand bag and threw it on. Watch my red lips using drugstore products video here

Dress & shoes - Primark

Thursday, 16 April 2015

World, stop!

For my mum's Birthday last week we took a trip  t o her favourite cafe in  Leigh; Stop the world for brunch and it was pretty yummy.  I hadn't been before but mum had sung it's praises, it looked so lovely from photo's  though so i was itching to go. 
Jack and i managed to grab us all a table outside as it was absolutely packed, I think it's a bit of a favourite for locals- Leigh is quite the place to chill and eat/drink. 

I just got loose earl grey, but after trying Jack's very very chocolate milkshake, wish I'd got one of those, it was so good. 

I took forever to decide what to grab to eat, but eventually I chose the Chick flick, Jack a panini, dad scrambled eggs and mum is absolutely in love with the eggs benedict they serve. I wish we had got a seat inside as I was itching to check out the decor, it looked so lovely when I went in to pay. Upon leaving I spotted their cakes on the stands (sad face) i'm already intending to go back just to grab a slice of one of them, they looked s o  g o o d. 
We then strolled round to grab a gelato, an odd flavour combination of hot cross buns and blueberry was chosen, along with good old lemon. 

After such a lovely stroll in the sun, Jack and i had planned a three course meal to cook for everyone and a Birthday cake to bake! 

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Casual stripes

More of a casual look from me today! I wore this the other week when I went to Ikea shopping for University goodies. 
Yes, I am shopping for bits and pieces for my kitchen at Uni already and I do not care to admit it. 
I was genuinely excited to go around a pick out bowls, cups, knives and boards like an old lady decorating her own house, oh wells. 

I am absolutely still in a love affair with these pointy heels from Primark that have graced this blog a plenty since I picked them up last year, at around only £10 they are such a steal, l o v e.

Top - H&M / Jacket & Shoes - Primark / Jeans - Topshop, 

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