Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The classic LBD // What I Wore

Dress*- Lashes of London, Shoes - Primark, Necklace - Forever 21, Clutch - Primark, Ring - Pandora

Apologies for not posting the past week, I've been so busy since we've been off for Easter, I've been out enjoying the sunshine with my friends and catching up with people and what not. Sweetheart necklines are my favourite cut and I love this dress, it has a nice corset boning on the sides of the waist and it fits so snuggly and figure hugging (that does not make sense) I thought I would pair it with my new favourite statement necklace I picked up from F21, sparkle is needed! I now need an excuse to go out somewhere and throw this dress on to dance the evening away!

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Summers coming // What I wore

Dress - Primark, Bag - Charity shop, Hat - Primark, Sunglasses - Primark, Heeled chelsea boots - EBay, Lipstick - Mac 'What Joy!' (Limited edition from Christmas collection)

I think this could be classed as my best bargain of the year (so far) I picked it up for only £5 in the Primark sale. I thought it would be great for the summer with a pair of tanned heels for a day to evening party, or even when It gets chilly. 
Along with my bargain of a bag, for only £2-3 in the charity shop, just a lovely nice size!
Can't wait to wear this dress without tights and a pair of tanned heels in the summer sunshine.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Go Green // What I wore

Dress* - Scala via Wish Want Wear, Shoes - Primark, Lipstick - Topshop  Velveteen (post here)

I'm not going to lie guys, I may have fallen in love with this dress when I first tried it on.
Wish Want Wear are a designer dress and accesory website which is such a great concept. It allows you to pay such a small amount to hire and rent out  a designer dress for a special evening at a fraction of the rrp. Originally starting up in 2011 with an array of designers to choose from such as  Temperley London, Sass & Bide, M Missoni, Just Cavalli and Halston Heritage. There was such a choice that I struggled to choose what dress I liked the most. Alas, I whittled it down to my top 5 and asked a few friends  their favourite and this beautiful emerald Scala dress won (boy mates were even asked and this was chosen, double win) This was the only colourful dress out of all the dark ones I chose, I know I know. I'm so glad I ended up choosing this as I felt the bright colour of this really stood out with super winter pale skin right now, it just brightened up the day and the beautiful sequins sparkled gorgeously in the sunlight, I felt rather magical twinkling around like a disco ball. 
The cut is so so flattering also. It has almost corset boning on the waist and subtle bra cups so everything gets in and stays in place, figure hugging any body shape absolutely perfectly. Especially nipping you in at the waist, always love a dress that does that nicely. I also like the length, it was just right but not too short or too long to ruin the little mini party dress.
I was a little un-sure what size to get this in because I wanted it to fit me nicely, they also have a stylist on the website to offer advice (super handy) Luckily they can send you a free extra size, how brilliant is that?! For anyone wondering who wanted to order this dress; I ordered a size 8 and 10 and the 8 fit me perfectly.

The only downside is having to send your beautiful dress back to Wish Want Wear, I fell in love with this, and it's un-usual because it's not a style I would go for but oh it's love. 
I love the idea of being able to hire a special occasion dress, especially if I were ever so lucky to go to a rather lovely cocktail party or formal event, no need to spend £100's when you'll no doubt pop it to the back of your wardrobe, not to be seen for a couple of years!

Do you like this idea? Hope you have a lovely day!

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Disneyland Paris on film

I've always loved film cameras, my mum pretty much used one my whole life up until last year for all her ~life capturing moments~ until she decided to use my digital, and it's rubbed off on me. Even though I love the high quality images, I actually love film so much and I don't want printed and film photos to go out like the media is of late. Wish it wasn't so pricey to get developed! (If any of you know a good place to get your film developed for a reasonable price, please let me know!)

Of course I got my films developed as soon as I could when I got home from Paris. I love how you just don't remember what's coming back, you take the shot and that's it and the un-perfect perfect look of them, I just love them.

I'm so happy with how they turnt out, I really casually just took these photos without really thinking while wandering around the park. I'm so in love with the top photo of the girls 'unexpectedly' turning round in-front of the castle, and the bed photo which was actually the first ever photo I took of this trip, after our 9 hour coach ride we discovered our energy and excitement of realising we were in Paris together, jumping on the bed. That was before we managed to mess up the electrics in our room, attempt to find a kettle and go on a man hunt for extra pillows! 

I wish I could go back on this trip again, it was so so lovely. 
Pretty decided on the fact my summer will probably all be documented on film rather then digital this year, so in love with the film look. 

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